Saturday, October 24, 2009

Keeping It Real!

Keepin it real on the home front. I have a little secret about myself. I like to see how other folks live. I enjoy seeing how other women decorate a room, creative ideas, and of course, do normal people's houses look like the pictures in a Better Home and Garden magazine spread. Here is my reveal of truth. This is my kitchen this morning. Stock pot from last nights boiled chicken for my homemade chicken potpie. Man, that was good! Alas, the mess was not. Rotting carved pumpkin from a week ago, stacks of newspaper coupons from last Sunday still needing to be clipped, and everyone's drop zone the breakfast bar. There is my recipe box and stacks of cookbooks piled high in that tray that doesn't go there. You can't see it but that stove top is spotted and crumby.

The reveal! Ahhhhh, that's nice:) If only, it could last for a little while.

My favorite room ! Well, at least the room I spend the most time in.

The beloved coffee station! Thinks it's that time of day for a fresh pot. I love a cup of afternoon coffee. I love to sit down with my new issue of Southern Living and a cup of java. It's the Thanksgiving issue!

If I get really brave, perhaps next time I will reveal my laundry room. Oh my goodness, that will be a big job to organize. Ta ta for now!


  1. Man have I thought the same thing way too many times. Seeing people's homes on TV, and everything in its place. Yeah, has made me question my skills as a woman trying to keep it all clean, all the time. But alas, I am one person. And I am quite sure those people on TV and in magazines have put their best foot forward.

    BTW, I am reading the Southern Living Christmas at Home for 2009. Makes me wanna redecorate, or at least go clean up my kitchen.

    And as Kim said, love your kitchen. Maybe I'll post some pic one day too. :)

  2. Ouhhh Tina, do post pictures sometime. I loved your sunset photos, and I have heard you mention the trophies that adorn your walls.:o) Funny, one time while shopping in some antique store, I almost bought a buck to hang on my wall. I like cabin/rustic decor.

    Most of the time my home looks "lived in." I know there will be a time that I will miss the scattered toys.

    Thank you ladies for the luv.....

  3. Brandi,
    Wow! I'm sitting here with Taylor over my shoulder and we just read your tribute to our family the night before we went to get the girls and yes I'm crying...You are so sweet and your words so warm my heart! I want to thank you for praying for us and thank you for your sweet comments everytime I post..

    Love your blog and I'm amazed at your sweet heart..

    Robin over at Just a family

    I see you live in Florida? Not so far away we couldn't plan a trip.....just saying

  4. Robin, You just made my day.

    I have wanted to correspond with you for so long. There is a desire in my heart to know you and your family. So much I wish to say but for now, thank you dear sister for visiting me here.


    BTW, somehow someway,I would love for our families to come together for a visit. My state or yours?? We could figure it out. :o)


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