Monday, October 12, 2009


Sunday is the only day our family wakes up early. How great is that? Yes, I am soooo thankful to not wake up to an alarm clock everyday. I do try to be up by 8-8:30ish most days though. I believe that it is God's plan for us all to put in a full days work. If a person is not putting in a full day of work, then they are lazy and will not recieve the blessing that the Lord wants to pour out upon you. So, even though I am not punching a clock every morning, I am working.

The best part about my job, I am my boss. I decide what I am going to do in a day, for how long, and am free to change my mind at will. Most days, i'm going well into the night. But today, Sunday, I took a NAP. This is rare for me, but I love naps.

We stayed up late last night watching the Gators whip LSU and the early service came early this morning. At first I thought about staying in bed. The Lord had other plans! He woke me up at 7 sharp. I know it was God because I never just wake at 7. I was not going to be able to just lay there and ignore His tug at my heart. Oh yes, I rolled over and pulled the blanket over my head. Closed my eyes, thinking i'll get up in a few minutes. There was not going to be anymore sleep.

I am trying to observe the Sabbath as the day of rest. Meaning outside of cooking and cleanup, on Sundays, no work (if possible). So today, I layed down at 4:oo and took myself a nap. Dad and the monkeys played hide and seek while I snoozed. I slept until 6:30 and it was soooo great. Only thing is i'm still up now! Good blogging time! I did start a couple loads of laundry due to all my extra energy. I know, broke my own rule but hey i'm a busy lady. Less to do tommorrow.

I just love Sundays!
I love praising Jesus in my Fathers House. I love the Holy Spirit's presence. The peace I feel in my heart after we have taken our family to church. It's really undescribable to a non-believer.

I feel so sad for those folks that don't know the peace of Jesus in their lives. Some, you can read like a book. All angry and stressed out all the time. Some, just seem so sad and whipped. Others, are of the over achiever variety. They achieve so much status and materialism in life they think they have it all figured out. Meanwhile, this life is passing so fast. At the end, status and stuff don't matter at all. Then what?? So sad! I have these type of folks in my family. I pray for them but it has gotten so hard to be around them in recent years. The over achiever has great status work wise, but family wise, it is so cold and sad. No signs of love and affection with the children, just ruled with an iron fist. No interest in knowing the hearts of her children. One is quickly pulling away and she can't even see what is happening. On the other spectrum, I have an angry stressed out athiest. This person doesn't know if he's coming or going half the time but always think he knows everything. And will spit in your face at the mention of Jesus (not literaly spit but will get real ugly real fast). This is why I find it so hard to fellowship with non-believers. Because I can't shine my joy of loving Jesus, and be around them at the same time. Like the scripture says, If your not for Me, then your are against Me. There is no middle ground. No straddling the fence.

Anyway, don't know why all this is coming out tonight. Just thinking on the love of the Father and hoping all could experience it. Goodnight now!!

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