Saturday, January 23, 2010

Blessings from the farm

She tends her birds and gathers her eggs.
Thankful for His provision. Our very first egg.

My kitchen....
It's the heart of our home.
The room I spend most of my and cleaning.
Providing sustenance for the ones I love.

The labor of dough is my simple pleasure.
The smell of fresh bread baking is the scent of home.
Love lives here!

An afternoon at the pond with a hook and a pole.
This is life being lived.

My Love.
My Heartbeat.
My Treasure.

Thank you Father in Heaven, for this life.
Most importantly, Thank you for
your Son and His gift
of Eternal Life.

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  1. Beautiful blog--beautiful children!!!
    Thanks for sharing your blog with me!
    Michelle @ I Heart Publix!


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