Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Today eating from the pantry

No....this was not breakfast. This was dinner! I pulled the leftover Christmas spiral ham out of the freezer and heated it up along with my son's new favorite "egg in the whole". Added a side of cheese grits and fruit.
Walla.....bon apetite!! It was fast and easy!

Egg in the whole

This easy recipe came from the Pioneer Women Cooks cookbook. I have made several dishes from her cookbook so far and this has been Garrett's favorite. He wants eggs like this everyday. Good thing our chicken coop is almost finished being built. Can you say fresh eggs??? Can't wait to have chickens! I will post pictures when my husband finishes up the project.

I watched the movie "Julie and Julia" the other night. It is a really cute movie! In the movie, the dish Boeuf Bourguignon was mentioned several times. It made me salivate when she tasted the dish. I had to google the recipe. It sounds delicious! But some of the ingredients are not going to fit in my strict $100 budget this month. So, that will be in a post next month. I can't wait to try my hand at French cooking.

Until we meet again.... Brandi

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  1. I also got the Pioneer Woman cookbook for Christmas and I made the french puffs which were good and would be great with a cup of coffee...I made Marlboro man's fave sandwich Tuesday night but I added cheese...it was yummy. I made her sour cream pancakes last week and the batter was kind of runny but the pancakes were light. I love the egg in the hole...they have it at cracker barrel!


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