Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Eating from the pantry review

We are nearing the end of the month. I had intended to post more of my menu plans for the month, but my mind was a little pre-occupied the past couple weeks. I still managed to stick to my goal of eating from the pantry and freezer for January.

I just went over my $100 goal for the month. I found center cut chops for 1.79lb. and stocked up. The meats in the freezer were getting low, and I don't want to pay full price when the week is over. I managed to cook the turkey and a large roast over the weekend. These have made several meals.

The turkey.....sliced turkey and gravy with mash potatoes and veg.
turkey sandwiches
dark meat for turkey noodle soup (frozen for Friday dinner)
white meat for turkey potpie (frozen for Saturday dinner)
turkied (made up word) out after that.....

The chuck roast was served sliced with rice and veg.
open pot roast sandwiches w/gravy
and tonight beef quesadillas

Breakfast this week
blueberry muffins
oatmeal (for me everyday)

tuna salad
grilled cheese and soup
bagel bite pizza's (kiddos favorite)
fruit cup

I will be continuing with the pantry challenge, but I am looking forward to shopping for deals again soon. I plan to continue using up everything in the pantry even into February. The new items will be rotated to the back.

Did you eat from the pantry this month? Did you save a bundle?

God has been SO good to us.....In every way! We have received so many blessings recently. Our house payment reduced due to a recalculation of our escrow account. We had been over paying. They sent us a payout check and we applied it to our loan balance. Trying to payoff this house ASAP. Some of my husband's guest gave him belated Christmas gifts in the form of restaurant gift cards. Those have come in nice during the month on days I just didn't want to cook. We are expecting a little tax refund this year and we are adding it into our savings.

Last January, we started the "Total Money Makeover" with Dave Ramsey. This past year we paid off all credit card debt, student loan debt, any other little sums we had out there. We are trying to attack our mortgage and balance of our one vehicle (one paid off). How wonderful it will be to be totally debt free one day. Personal income is the number one wealth building tool. Imagine having your whole salary with no monthly payments (except utilities). You could really build some wealth.

If you haven't read Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover, you should consider finding a copy. He really helps put your financial vision in perspective.

Having a vision and working toward the vision is key.



  1. Hi Brandi, Just want to say you that you are a blessing! I love reading your stories and being encouraged by you. Thanks sister!

  2. Hi Brandi :)

    Thank you for the encouragement. Eating from the Pantry is something I need to work on. In fact this week I have scheduled myself to do a Pantry Inventory (already did the freezer :)) so I can see what we have an how to make it work.

    What a HUGE blesing the Lord gave you! What a neat surprise. God is always SO FAITHFUL!!!

    Have a blessed day in Jesus!


  3. I also had a good month eating from the pantry! We are debt-free except for our home - and how we would love to pay that off one day! We are currently working on getting our retirement where it needs to be, then will move on to saving for college for our two daughters. Praising God for the blessings you've received lately!


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