Thursday, August 6, 2009

Drugstore game cont...Walgreens

Walgreens is different than CVS. No customer card needed. Each week certain items have Register Rewards back or free after RR back. If the ad states free after RR, then you pay for the item minus any coupons you might have and then the register spits out a RR coupon for the full amout of the item. Then you can use this RR as Walgreens money to buy other things. Just don't turn around and buy the same item and pay with the same RR. The register will not give you the additional RR if paid with the same RR. Each RR has on it the item it was for. An example, if I buy Crest TP for 2.99 -1.00mf. cp= I pay $1.99 oop(out of pocket). Then, I get back a $2.99 RR. I can't go buy another Crest and pay with that $2.99 RR because the register will not print a new RR. I could pay with a different RR or do that same deal again and still get additional RRs. I accumulate RR and stock up on house items of soda 12 packs.

One additional tip, always hand over manf. coupons before RR to cashier. Always have equal/more items than coupons, so not to make register beep on you. Example, if I have 5 coupons I need to have at least five items or more. Through in candy or pencils for cheap fillers.

O.K. get planning, clip your coupons, and go get those deals!! Link your deals back here. Or at least comment on your success. Start with small transactions at CVS and Walgreens until you get the hang of it. Best of Luck!!

For additional explanations go to and click on CVS'ing 101.
Also, every Saturday and has the coming Sunday's drugstore deals with coupon match ups and scenarios for saving.

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  1. OK Brandi...I apparently need to take lessons from you in the whole coupon business. I thought I was being smart buy having all my friends sign up at Similac so I can get $5.00 coupons...but apparently I am simply an amateur and you are the master...I will definitely try some of these tips...Thanks...your family is adorable by the way!!!


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