Sunday, August 16, 2009

Struck a nerve!

I'm gonna step on my soap box for a moment. Recently, I joined one of those social networking sites. At first, it was fun catching up with people I have known from a lifetime ago. The more I added people to my friends list the more comments of others I began to read. I am taken a back by all the negative mothering out there. No one type of mother (stay at home or working mom) is excluded. One mom that works as a teacher and has been off for the summer with her baby boy, constantly comments of her frustration with baby boy. How sad for her, that she is unable to allow herself the enjoyment of her baby if only for two months.

Then, recently I met a young mother and within minutes of our meeting she blurted out "oh I could never be a SAHM, for my own sanity." I was appauld by her negativeness. She also stated she does not allow her daughter to color at home because she may mess up the walls. Honey, I have permanent marker on my bedroom wall for six months now. All I need to do is touch up paint over it but I just can't bring myself to wipe it away yet. This same young mother is constantly posting comments and pictures of herself at concerts and bars with a group of other twenty somethings. So, she works fulltime all week away from her three year old little girl. Then, come Friday she's planning her get away from that pesky toddler. Why did she even become a mom?

I know that mothering is not always an easy job but it's the most important job/blessing a woman can have. I used to be a working mom. I loved working. My career was rewarding and fulfilling. I had patients I helped rehabilitate from strokes, joint replacements, broken bones, etc. I ran a rehab clinic by myself and made great money. The entire time I was away from my children there was an aching from within. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. God put woman on this earth to mother. To nurture, protect, teach, and guide. For woman to have the attitude of "I can't be bothered by these little snot heads all the time" or my favorite I need "ME TIME." What? Me time. Yeah, you had me time before you became a mother. This is your me time now. Enjoy it, love it, embrace it!!!! And for those stay at home mom's, stop whining so much about being with your child/children all day. Do you know how blessed you are to be able to do this? Thank your husband everyday for providing you the opportunity to be able to make this choice. Don't let the world make you feel less because you play, color, love, and nuture all day. Just fifty years ago, women embraced making a home and caring for thier families. Now, so many girls are brain washed by feminism in gonvernment run scholls. You must have your cake and eat it too. Women can do it all statements. Yeah, you might be able to work all day, pick up the kids, rush a dinner, and wisk them off to bed then repeat. Something huge is missing in your children's lives. YOU!!!!!!! Just dwelling together is not enough, they need your attention. They need calm relaxed mama who wants to listen and laugh with them. To know thier hearts. Not stressed out, frazzled, you get the few minutes I have left before I pass out exhausted mom.

I realize i'm stepping on toes here but oh well. Sometimes we need our toes smashed before we can open our eyes to what really matters.


  1. I couldn't agree with you more....I swore until I was 30 that I would never have a child...then I guess I really thought about what I was I now have one!! I couldn't imagine my life without her....I would totally love to be a stay at home mom...but unfortunately I also love to have food and electricity so I have to work but I don't care how tired I am or how cranky she may be....I won't complain...because it totally doesn't bother me!! I have no interest in going to bars, etc...I would much rather be snuggled up with my little girl. I am glad that both Ross and I have worked out a schedule so that she doesn't require going to day care.

  2. Right on Kim....There is no other favorite place than curled up with your precious bundle. That's great that she gets to be with mommy or daddy all the time.

    Thanks for commenting.

  3. I feel sorry for women who think they can't be a SAHM. They have no idea what they're missing out on!


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