Thursday, August 6, 2009

Today's Bounty!!

O.K. this is what $200.24 in groceries and household items looks like, and I actually paid $83.13 total. I hit three stores today Walmart, Food Lion, and of course Club Pub. For a breakdown of the coupons used checkout,, and for the Foodlion printable store coupons (if Foodlion is a local competitor store for you).

Publix total $54.65
not pictured 14lb. bag kingsford charcoal for 1.99 plus free pork chops
with charcoal purchase coupon .

Walmart total 16.71
Electrosal (price match Dollar general ad for $4.00-2.50 maf.cp. x5=1.50ea.

price match 10lb. potatoes $1.89 local produce market ad.
4 candy bars .50ea-1/2cp=freex2
1.50 strawberry, 1.50 blueberrys (mmmmm blueberry
pancakes for breakfast)

Food Lion total 11.77
.12 baby wipes, bogo Lysol wipes -1.00mf.cpx2
free plums with FLIP, 1.00 Hi-c, hand soap and plastic wrap
less than a dollar using home 360 flip and HA flip,
and 1.79lb. grd. beef at 4lb.s-1.00 flip.

How did you do this week? Don't forget Sunday's paper this week.

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