Friday, August 7, 2009

How blessed I am!

"Mom"!! Yes, I reply. "Your a good mom." He says this unprompted all through the day. He is the kind of boy you just know is growing up to be a good man. I know how blessed I am to be thier mother. When I tuck them in, He asks for butterfly kisses. Oh, how I wish these moments could last forever.
He will rough house with her, but let her skin her knee and he will carry her home. She fell once from the slide. He come barrelling through the back door with her, blood dripping from her head, him screaming to call 911. He was so upset. She was totally calm. Boo boos all cleaned up and he is still trembling. So afraid she's seriously hurt. The protector, her hero, Bubba.
I was born to be thier mother.

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