Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shopping Day

Shopping Day!! Foodlion 17.54 oop spent Farm rich product bogo at 3.50ea.-2.00cp=1.50ea
wipes 1.62-1.50flip=.12
tomatoes 1.38-flip=.38
bread 1.43
Batteries 4.59
soap 1.67-1.00=.67
Blue Bunny bogo 2.50ea-1.00=1.50ea (stock up price)
lil' Debbie 1.25

Publix 42.39 oop spent 102.36 saved
Everything here I used coupons on but I will list the best freebies.
Shout x4 free, plus 1.10 overage
Smithfield bacon free
banana's .50
glade candle x2 free
kotex x2 bogo = .15/2
yoplait yogurt x2 bogo= .50/2
Uncle Ben's rice x4 bogo=free
purina beggin strips x2 bogo=free plus .50 overage
Dove BW 1.50
cheerios x4 bogo=1.00ea + 2 free publix bags (peelie cp)
cheez its x2 bogo =.75ea
Lysol cleaners bogo x2= .49 ea
6lbs. red del. apples =3.00
assorted froz. veg x3

Anyone reading this is probably thinking, how do you make a meal out of icecream and snacks. I shop each week for the best deals and I stock the pantry. From a over flowing pantry and deep freezer I menu plan for the week. This week was obviously a stock up week on ice cream. We probably will have ice cream for a month. We only need vegetables and produce this week. I spent the rest of this weeks budget grocery money on a new Paula Deen rolling pin, bucket of crayola clay for my children, and a ceramic pizza cooking stone. I have so much fun shopping with coupons. Yes, i'm plain and simple. That's me!!

Any couponers out there, how did you do this week?

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